Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I'd Like Another Book From

This topic shames me a little, because when it comes to even my favorite authors—Lewis, Chesterton, Card, Hale, Montgomery—I haven't necessarily read all of their works. Heck, I haven't read Rowling's Quidditch book or her bestiary, and you know how I feel about Harry Potter.

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I have, however, read all the published work of one particular author, including a lesser-known novella and a fragment she never finished. And since the rules of this list allow us to include deceased authors, I'll begin with:

1. Jane Austen. Lady Susan is an interesting book, by the way, if it doesn't hold a dripping wax taper to Northanger Abbey, let alone the great Pride and Prejudice/Emma/Persuasion/Sense and Sensibility/Mansfield Park quintet.

2. C.S. Lewis. I've read all of his fiction, so I'll feel no shame in asking for more of that.

3. J.K. Rowling. More stories, preferably outside the Potterverse. I'm curious.

4. Shannon Hale. I haven't read her graphic novel, but I have read everything else of hers, I think. And am looking forward to the sequel to Princess Academy and to Midnight in Austenland.

5. Brandon Sanderson. I want a very specific book from him: the Wheel of Time finale. :)

Off the top of my head, I haven't any right to beg more from anyone else. I have too many of their existing works left to read.

Which authors would you like another book from?


  1. I think I've read all of Lewis's works, and all it does is create an insatiable appetite for more. The only one I disliked was The Pilgrim's Regress. He wrote it while still young, wordy, and self-absorbed, but definitely redeemed himself with his later writing!

  2. Sarah, I'm officially impressed; he wrote a LOT. Thus far, I've loved everything of his. But then, I haven't read The Pilgrim's Regress. :)

  3. I've read everything that Charlotte Bronte wrote and would love more from her of the Jane Eyre variety. The older she got, the more her literary optimism waned, so I'd definitely like it to be less depressing than Villette.

  4. Hopefully we'll have a topic on authors I would've liked NOT to write another book. :)

    I'll have to think a bit on the actual topic of today, though, although more C.S. Lewis would be a fantastic thing. I'm with Sarah, every time I read something by him, I always say, "Why aren't we reading more of Lewis nowadays?"

  5. I would love, love, love for F. Scott Fitzgerald to have finished The Last Tycoon.

  6. I'm not embarrassed to say Stephenie Meyer. The Host was an impressive book and I loved it, and I anticipate the sequels. I think she may just get better and better.

    Other choices would be Rowling (Potter or non-) and Eva Ibbotson. I was very disappointed with the incredibly bloated Blackout duo by Connie Willis, but hope she brings us more time historian novels in trimmer fashion.

    I want more imaginative stories/magical realism from Cecelia Ahern and Sarah Addison Allen. I really hope for another novel from Beth Hoffman (Raising CeeCee Honeycutt), and Fannie Flagg and Lorna Landvik can pop in anytime.

    I wish sf writer John Stith was still writing; hard SF bathed in humanity. Lois McMaster Bujold can write another Miles Verkosigan novel right now, but her latest did provide a satisfying closure to the series, if she doesn't.

    As for those we'll not hear more from, Zenna Henderson, Mary Stewart, Madeleine L'Engle, and Lloyd Alexander.


  7. Carrie-Ann, I totally thought about Charlotte Bronte but haven't read anything of hers but Jane Eyre. If Villette is depressing, I think I'll skip that one. :)

    George, LOL. And the world could always stand more Lewis.

    Laura, I haven't read ANY F. Scott... The Great Gatsby is on my classics-I-missed-somehow-and-must-read list.

    Arabella, I thought about Stephenie Meyer, too. I loved The Host so much, and to be honest I'm actually afraid of the planned sequel--I'm afraid something bad will happen to characters I love. :) But I suppose I ought to brave up. Lots of other great authors on your list, too.

  8. Jenna, do it do it do it! Fitzgerald is amazing. You can read Gatsby in like three hours, tops, and then you will say either, "Why didn't I read this a long time ago; I love it!" or "Well, that was a story about some truly awful people and a billboard, SO WHAT." But. . .probably the former? There's only one way to find out!


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