My living room:

The rest of the house is in more or less the same state. On account of which, I'm taking this week off Top Ten Tuesday.

I do have a Currently Reading written up, though, so you should still get a Wednesday post. :) In the meantime, enjoy your afternoon!


  1. Hmmm, I see plants in this picture...which means Maia still has some work to do! ;)

    Happy packing & moving!!

  2. Lovely! The blue and brown complement the white walls nicely. The sharp edges of the boxes set off the curvaceous, natural form of the plants. The grid of the window creates a sense of longing for the wider world...is that a tent?

  3. Haha, George. I'm still trying to consider how to arrange the new house around defending the plants from the cat. :)

    David, ROFL! That comment made my day. And yes, you are seeing a tent.


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