A Blogalectic Hiccup and a Question of Beauty

It's Monday (yes, yes, I'm Captain Obvious.) On Thursday, Lou and I are headed for a five-day whirlwind road trip to Denver by way of Bozeman. I've got an insane to-do list for the two interim days, and am currently exhausted beyond rational thought.

All of which, when added up, means I don't have a blogalectic post in me today. It simply... isn't there.

So, if you haven't read Masha's post on Art from last Wednesday, or Mr. Pond's synthesis of Masha's and my apparent disagreement, from Friday, I encourage you to do that. I'm loosely of the opinion that my definition of good art is really quite close to Masha's definition of art, and that our disagreement is primarily semantic. Which puts me in some agreement with Mr. Pond.

But I'll save further commentary for next Monday. For now, I'll leave you all—and Mr. Pond and Masha, if they wish to engage it—with this question: If beauty is necessary to good art (or all art, if you prefer Masha's terminology), what, objectively speaking, is beauty?

Have fun.


  1. Hm, good question, and I suspect answers will vary quite a bit. To me, beauty is anything that strikes me in my heart-- it can be visual, auditory, written, or even something like an action someone takes. It might not even be particularly attractive, but if it's something that moves me, I find it beautiful regardless.

  2. Five days to get from Bellingham to Denver & then back? You will be following the speed limits, won't you? :)

    Too bad my wife & I don't go down to Fort Collins until later in the month, otherwise we might've arranged a brief, hectic meeting. Have a safe trip!

    I assume Maia will be looking after your plants for you while you're away... ;)

  3. I'm rather with you on that, Shallee. Good answer!

    Why yes, George. We will be following the speed limits. We just won't be doing much else. :P

    Maia ain't getting near my plants while I'm away.

    One of these days we'll work something out! We've got family outside Lincoln, so we do talk of making a road trip out your way. :D

  4. Ooh, nice..a break! I'll just be reflecting a bit then, which will be ideal! Have a fantastic road-trip.

    I'm begining to think we ought to have worked out the beauty question first :) I'm glad you're bringing it out this week - though I only gave it a passing mention in my post, I tried at least to respond to it, because I think our varying answers will give a great deal of clarity to the discussion.


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