Working after Midnight and other stories

When you have the flu, and four months' buildup of dislike at your blog design, and three in-progress versions of your query letter, there's only one thing you can do: stay up all night and get the dadburn things sorted.

So. I spent last night sorting. The over-dark and somewhat plain blog has made way for starlight. At the moment, I'm quite happy with it, especially by comparison; feel free to share your thoughts, and to tell me if anything seems awkward or illegible or out of place. While I tested Firefox, IE 8 and Chrome, things may not work as well with everyone's browsers or monitor settings.

Also, my query letter and I have come to something resembling agreement. Not that I won't be tempted to rip it to shreds the next time I dare look at it.

A good night's work, if I do say so myself, and this despite my having to get up several times to chase Maia off the stove. She kept banging things. Loudly. Crazy little nocturnal beast.

* * *

The lack of sleep has made me loopy. And perhaps gullible, not that my naive and trusting nature needs an excuse.

Twitter warned me this morning that today is April 1, and I was all prepared to be grateful. Then I clicked on a video link saying the band ALL CAPS is preparing its next full length album. It's going to be entirely about My Little Ponies and monster trucks! So exciting! I have to blog about this! And it's not even an April Fool's Day joke! WAIT A MINUTE.

Joke's on me. It takes really being out of it to think that even ALL CAPS would do a song titled "Brushing My Pony's Mane with a Magic Comb".

* * *

From Alan Lastufka, who just redesigned his website as well, here's a comforting piece on the impermanence of the internet.

Most of the time, you hear that The Internet Is Forever. And yeah, sites cache and there's never a good reason to speak carelessly, but when I started blogging, I made a point of not altering old posts. Now... spelling and grammar mistakes happen, even to this stickler. My opinions change, and the way I would word them changes often. It's totally freeing to edit and delete. No promises that I'll ever catch everything, but...

* * *

The links for writing (well, grammar anyway), music and funny are all wrapped up in one this week. Take it away, Strong Bad:

Every time I watch that, it gets funnier. Last time, I was practically crying. Don't you think that night and day are different?

* * *

Despite the all-nighter, the flu has eased up on me. I'm feeling much better. Now, it's time to go clean things up around here. And possibly sleep. Maybe. If my brain slows down enough.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Love the new design! (and yours is for real, tehehe).

  2. I love the stars. And the new picture. :-)

    I'm glad that someone else feels that April Fool's Day is only a day to feel more gullible. I'm *always* tricked. Always.

  3. I like the new blog "do"!!! The profile picture is great!

  4. Thanks! I'm so glad you ladies all like it--that makes me happy.

    Haha, Kiernan--yeah, I totally don't need the first of April to be over-credulous. :P


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