The Songs of Holy Week and other stories

As it's Good Friday, I'll keep this short. But unrelated to the date and its commemoration, I've been asked to post more pictures of our cat, Maia:

Isn't she cute? Now, if only I'd managed to get pictures of her leaping out from under the bed to attack my ankle and then dash back under... or flinging herself in the air after a thrown sock... or stealing the basket out of the bathroom sink drain... or burrowing into the laundry... or trying to get herself made into the bed with the sheets.... Maybe someday.

* * *

The news this week: I keep messing with my story, I've sung myself hoarse and only barely gotten my voice back in time for the Triduum liturgies, my computer has taken to crashing on startup every third day or so, and for the entire week I have not touched Twitter or Google Reader (despite checking a few of my friends' blogs) and have been on Facebook only once. It's amazing how much stress lifts off without the constant pressure to stay caught up on social media. I feel guilty saying it, but it's true.

I'll return to it all refreshed and cheerful on Monday, of course. :)

Also, I've put my final post up on Silhouette for this season: a write-up on our visit to Assisi from our Italy trip. Assisi was my favorite town, and the place I'd most like to go back and stay, so I loved writing this piece.

* * *

The best thing I can think of to offer you for Holy Week is some good music. I simply couldn't find a decent recording of the Gregorian Crux Fidelis/Pange Lingua, traditionally sung on Good Friday, but here's a lovely choral arrangement of part of the text:

And for Sunday, you can listen to the beautiful Easter sequence, with translation below.

May you have a blessed rest of Holy Week, and a Happy Easter!


  1. In the 2nd picture, Maia looks like a little fuzzy owl. :)

    Ah, but she is mistress of all she surveys & master of the household. Everyone should have at least one cat to train them in how to be humble in the face of a superior being.

    As for catching all her cute moments, it's obvious that what you have to do is blanket your entire home in video recorders to capture every action Maia does.

    Hope you had a Blessed Holy Week & Easter!

  2. George, LOL. Her resemblance to an owl is uncanny at times, especially when she turns her ears to the sides... maybe I should have called her Pigwidgeon.

    I'd be totally okay with the cameras to capture Maia's every action, except that they'd record me, too, and I'd be self-conscious. :P


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