Raindrops on Roses

Beth suggested I make a list of my favorite things, as she has done a couple of times on Facebook. I got started and couldn't stop for a very long time. Here is the result:

Watching my husband, especially when he doesn't know I'm watching him
Kneeling in Adoration
Talking things over with my mom
Texting back and forth with Dad in Yoda-speak
IM conversations with Beth
Coffee with Melanie
Church bells
Love and affection, especially the cuddling sort
Books about wizards and vampires and talking creatures, oh my!
Litanies ... no, I'm not joking
White lilies
Wedding pictures, especially mine
Great-Grandma Reilly's ring
Feeding the ducks
Writing: journals, fiction, music, essays, various bloggery
Love letters
Words, especially English, though other languages are fascinating too
Back rubs. Lou gives great ones; so does my dad.
Babies ... I want one
Cinnamon rolls and coffee with my in-laws
Gregorian chant
Lou singing in Latin
Lou singing Elvis
The Internet. Here's to research without using telephones or the inter-library loan.
Libraries. I'm trying to make home as much like one as possible, without the shushing.
My big bookshelf
Blogs. People are funny.
Long phone conversations with Briana ... though visits are better
Friends that are family, and family members that are friends
Lunch with friends
Funny or meaningful quotes
Lamps and candles and Christmas lights
Brahms' second piano concerto
Sunshine, oh, sunshine
Holidays from work
Ornamental cherry trees
Birds, birds, birds
The sky, in all its moods
Family get-togethers
The Bible ... especially Psalms, the gospel of John, and Esther
Gothic steeples
Byzantine domes and mosaics
Alabaster angels
Lauds, Vespers, and especially Compline
Old books
Studying literature at Dante's four levels of meaning
G.K. Chesterton
Walking in the surf on white-sand beaches in Florida ... in February
Singing, especially rangey stuff ... I love being a soprano
Over-commercialized "Celtic" music
Techno and electronica, especially in foreign languages
Drinking green tea and wishing I spoke Chinese
Cooking in a wok ... or at least my stir-fry pan, which is almost like a wok
Frosties and Blizzards
America, especially when I can forget about politics
Fairies and unicorns
Little babbling brooks
Being in and on water, even though it frightens me
Fresh-squeezed orange juice from fresh-picked oranges
Bellingham, WA
Airplane rides and road trips
Bozeman, MT
Jane Austen
Corona with lime
Mocha frappucino and similar things
Putting fun pictures up as backdrops on my computer monitors
My Korg Triton, old Guild guitar, microphone and mixer
Flare jeans and long, short-sleeved, fitted stretch-cotton shirts--especially if they're decorated
Things junior-high girls like: butterfly earrings, snap barrettes, turquoise and coral, Disney songs
Good dramedies ... no, I don't mean dromedaries, although those are interesting
Bright colors


  1. "Texting back and forth with Dad in Yoda-speak"


  2. Oh... I so love this list!!!

    Am catching up on my blogs. Really needed to see this kind of thing today, hon.



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