Bozeman Explosion

My best friend called me yesterday morning to tell me about this:

It appears to have been a gas explosion in one of the restaurants; it destroyed three Main Street buildings and the six businesses within. According to the above story, "witnesses in the area reported seeing the roof of the building fly hundreds of feet into the air." The blast shook Briana's apartment--she can walk from her place to the site--and was apparently felt across town.

Thankfully, it happened before business hours. One person is still missing as of last report; otherwise, there were no casualties and no injuries reported. As Briana pointed out to me, if it had been even an hour later, the story would have been far worse.

We likewise used to live within walking distance of the place, and though I'm pretty sure the Boodles place went in since then, I seem to remember at least the Pickle Barrel being there.

The image is directly from the news story.


  1. It was and is still pretty surreal...and yes, you are right, the Pickle Barrel was there. It is one of the businesses that are no longer here.

  2. BTW...the guy running from the Red car is Allison's Father-In-Law. He runs a business across the street from the blast area (in office's located above a bank). He had just parked his car about 15 min. earlier. He looked outside, saw debris flying and ducked just before his office windows blew in. Then he ran out to his car to get his wallet from the dashboard of his car.


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