Things I Have Done

Everybody makes a list of things they want to do, or need to do. But this savvy commenter over at Shannon Hale's excellent blog suggested making a list of things one has already done. It's good for the whole sense-of-accomplishment thing.

Here's my list of Things I Have Done. This is not exhaustive--in fact, I may have to add to it in the future, as I'm too sleepy to be confident in my memory tonight.

I have:
  • Been to Canada.
  • Flown in an airplane.
  • Ridden a horse (and taught it a thing or two.)
  • Completed the first draft of a juvenile novel.
  • Recorded, at last count, about 13 of my own songs—and written over 100. Most of which the world will never hear, thank God.
  • Journaled thousands of pages, also not for public distribution.
  • Been asked "Will you marry me?"
  • Said "Yes".
  • Worked potato harvest. (Loudest job I've ever had.)
  • Guided a raft through a class IV rapid—and for the rest of a six-day trip down the Salmon River.
  • Swum a class III rapid. In April. It most resembles being knocked off one's feet and hit in the face multiple times with five-gallon bucketfuls of ice water.
  • Climbed rock walls and rappelled off the top of them.
  • Taught a high-school girl to rappel, and watched her conquer her fears in the process.
  • Been the teacher's partner during a swing-dancing class at a wedding.
  • Read most of my favorite novels at least five times apiece.
  • Maintained two blogs (one for over two years).
  • Been kissed in the rain by a handsome man wearing a fedora. (How much more romantic can you get?)
  • Been homeschooled on a farm in Montana (seriously, how many people do you know that can say that?)
  • Graduated high school with "very high marks in English" (watch me make a typographical error in this post!)
  • Stayed up all night to read a book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; 1 AM start, 7:30 AM finish.)
  • Carried the gifts forward at the cathedral in Seattle. On my first visit.
  • Gone to Regionals in the spelling bee in fifth grade.
  • Accidentally spelled "mirror" with a "w" in the spelling bee in sixth grade.
  • Sheared a sheep.
  • Milked a goat.
  • Assisted at the birth of lambs and goat kids.
  • Read the Bible through in a year and 18 days. Didn't quite make the one-year goal, but shot close.
  • Gone deer-hunting.
  • Attempted to learn four languages at once. I still remember the two words of Arabic I learned (it was the fourth.)
  • Flipped a canoe in the Puget Sound, along with three other girls. We had to get rescued by a fishing boat.
  • Played guitar, piano, and sung in front of hundreds of people. Nobody threw tomatoes.
  • Took on the adventurous job of worship leading at about age 19.
  • Sung lead and baritone parts in a barbershop choir. (Also did "Singing Valentines" ... interesting work.)
  • Been chased by a headless snapping turtle. (I believe I've mentioned that before on this blog.)
  • Participated in practical-joking the youth pastor's house.
  • Grown my hair out to past my waist.
I'm not sure this list qualifies me as an interesting person, but I just might be okay with that.

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  1. I think that list qualifies you as an interesting person... of course, I have to say that because for many of those things I was right next to you... and for those I wasn't with you for I seem to have some mirror experiences... though when I got kissed in the rain BOTH of us got wet heads. Todd does not wear a fedora. LOL.


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