Curtains, Greeting Cards, and Other Notes

This past Sunday was Pentecost. I love Pentecost, which commemorates the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church (for anyone who didn't actually know that); it's the grand finale of the Easter season, it's exuberant and happy and full of life, and it happens in the spring so I feel great anyway. The whole church gets decked out in red and I joined in, wearing a bright red skirt and top.

Funny Pentecost memory: Last year Lou and I were at friends' for a baptismal celebration. It being a beautiful sunny day, we all sat around outside, still dressed in Sunday best. Most of the men wore white shirts and red ties, and they all looked quite sharp. I remember thinking of how I used to favor the grunge look in guys and how much I really admire--and prefer--my handsome, neatly-dressed man. Part way through the afternoon, some young hoodlum in a T-shirt and backwards baseball cap drove by, hung out of the car window and yelled "Nice shirts! You all look like curtains!" We laughed shamelessly as he drove out of sight.

* * *

Sunday also being Mother's Day, I had a good time celebrating with the many mothers in my life. Unfortunately, I could not avoid the word "special" on all of the greeting cards. That word needs outlawing in the greeting card industry--that and "wonderful". Greeting cards seem to be growing steadily cheesier over the past few years; usually I won't buy anything with either the word "special" or rhyming poetry, but for Mother's Day I had to compromise my principles.

* * *

The return of greenery and bloom--especially the leaves on the trees--makes me so happy that the other day I mentioned it twice on one short walk. That made Lou laugh. But I miss green leaves every day in the winter, and spend all of March through May taking delight in every sprig of new growth.

* * *

I recently assigned myself one task which I keep forgetting: write a little something every day. The "something" can be a blog-post, a comment on someone else's blog or forum, at least one stanza of a song, or a journal entry. Despite my non-dependable short-term memory, which is presently overloaded with wedding and work projects and other things, something seems to come about at least most days, of its own volition.

* * *

Having this much going on makes my brain feel like exploding with unprocessed writeables. Some of my wedding-related thoughts, however, managed to make their way into my very-late Silhouette article for this season. I had told Justin I could only do a guest post for this four-month session of the blogazine; as it turns out, even that took unusual effort. It did happen, however, and has been posted here. Feel free to check it out :-)

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