Ten o'Clock Ramble

After almost a month of not blogging, it begins to sound like an excuse to say that I'm busy or haven't finished my recording project. So I'll just say that music is coming, yes, eventually, but I'm tired of waiting for completion of certain goals there to post to my blog.

Recording is a long, fun, exhausting process. I could easily spend a day and more on a song ... it probably wouldn't be a stretch to spend two or three. And I keep learning. Last week I scrapped everything I had on a piece; the vocals were really good, but the beat was too slow, so I started over. Ditched guitar for my Korg Triton, and that beautiful thing gave me santur and Taiko drums. It's my favorite recording yet, except for the vocals, and those need to be scrapped and redone. Again.

It's hard to fit that kind of quality-and-quantity time into the random Saturdays I have available.

And of course I'm trying to be a good girl and prioritize the songs that should be done, but I made a Christmas filk out of a Britney Spears song and am totally itching to make a good recording of that too :-D ... the slapped-it-together-in-two-hours version made back then just does not quite reach my standards of perfection.

Ah well ... in other news, I'm about to turn thirty. That feels weird ... Somewhere in the past decade I went from feeling like my whole life was ahead of me to realizing that life is right now, every minute of it. Probably I take this a little too seriously for my own good, at least mentally.

The kid in me lives on, though. I've decided that with the exception of Austen and Dickens, the best novels are all juvenile fiction. The other day I went into Target and couldn't resist picking up a book called "Princess Academy" (Shannon Hale) and flipping through it. A week later, I went back and bought it, brought it home and read it several times. There's a lot to be had in children's books, and they don't rule out real hope like so many of the adult novels do.

It's almost bedtime, but I'm going to go spend a little time with my beloved boyfriend before heading into the freezing outdoors for home. 'Night, everyone.

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  1. I want you to finish this recording so I can have your CD to put on my iPod :-)


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