Music and Christmas

For the fact of hardly blogging in two months, I have a very good excuse: the fact that almost all my free time for said months has been spent recording. Music, that is.

The tricky part was that I meant the music for a Christmas gift for my parents ... it's really my first time behind a studio mic, with the exception of one quick demo several years back ... and since it had to do with Christmas, I couldn't just get on my blog and explain why I wasn't posting, because that would have informed my parents.

Christmas Eve came, and I played the disc for Mom and Dad, and they liked it :-D

Since some of the music is of my own creation--i.e., not bound by copyright to others--and since it's not half bad, if I do say so myself, I'll be posting a few songs to the web soon. Not tonight, but maybe within a couple of weeks here.

Stay tuned ...

1 comment:

  1. Hey there... yay for a cd done!

    Miss ya lots and need to see your face soon! It's been far too long.


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