Mid-June Miscellany

The sun has come back, after hiding behind some very wet, cold clouds this past week or more. Its return makes me think that my sleepiness for the past several days has had less to do with lack of sleep and more to do with lack of light and color. I do love summer.

We can all agree that there should be less of certain types of physical contact happening around our school systems, but this goes beyond absurd to literally unhealthy. It goes to show that the more society loosens its morals, the more rules (especially stupid ones :-P) it is forced to put in place to protect its citizens. Still ... who thought that was a good idea?

Well worth reading:
this post by the Saint; which controverts, for instance, the fuss of "experts" that "we are shaped by our environment", like that's intrinsically a bad thing.

Current place in TGCHPRR:

"Lupin's office door was open. He had already packed most of his things. The grindylow's empty tank stood next to his battered old suitcase, which was open and nearly full. Lupin was bending over something on his desk and looked up only when Harry knocked on the door.

'I saw you coming', said Lupin, smiling. He pointed to the parchment he had been poring over. It was the Marauder's Map."

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  1. OK. Thanks for coming to see what I was talking about. I understand you being busy... Haha.

    Whoa... Do you know how to play the guitar?

    I'm glad your blogging again (after) your, uh... break.

    RC Hammer


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