Hebrew and Busyness (and HP)

After three weeks of a six-week beginner's class, I wrote my first two sentences in Biblical Hebrew today. Here is the second:

It says: "Rachael and I said words about Harry Potter."

No, seriously, it does. My teacher, Rachael, loves the books as much as I do. She laughed out loud when I wrote that up on the board. And that was as close as I could get to saying that we "talked about ...". I don't know whether that is how one would say "talked" in Hebrew or not; mostly, I just wanted to get all the vowels in the right places and not make too many mistakes on the words. Which I did, actually--one of those words is out of order, now that I think about it, and Rachael already corrected the ending on it. All part of learning, I guess!

Rachael has us reading Genesis 37 for practice at recognizing the letters; the story of Joseph's dream. Learning to pick out words--pronouns, roots, noun gender and conjunctions--fascinates me, as does working with its alphabet. And to begin to "read" the Bible in its original language ... Too bad the class is only six weeks :-)

Current place in TGCHPRR:

"Back in the kitchen, Moody had replaced his eye, which was spinning so fast after its cleaning it made Harry feel sick. Kingsley Shacklebolt and Sturgis Podmore were examining the microwave and Hestia Jones was laughing at a potato peeler she had come across while rummaging in the drawers. Lupin was sealing a letter addressed to the Dursleys."


  1. Hey, I know a little Hebrew. And a little Greek too!

    The Hebrew has a clothing shop and the Greek owns a restaurant.

  2. Curious got the better of me and I hit the link at facebook.

    I hate to say this, but the verb should be 'amarnu'. Oops!


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