Anno Domini 2007

[Sweet... I do know some Latin!]

Upon welcoming in a new year, I find myself looking back over the old... nothing so uncommon, I suppose. Even if the traditions of Jennifer didn't dictate such a thing, though, I would have to look back over 2006 and wonder over the things it held for me: my first full year living on my own, the start of this blog, new work, some intensive rebuilding of the foundations of my faith, a number of little lifetime milestone 'firsts', and new experiences of loss, finding, love, and hope.

I rang in this New Year in true American and Washingtonian style: in the presence of friends, blowing on a noisemaker, sipping champagne, watching the televised fireworks off the Space Needle, and praying. Next to me stood the Saint, with whom I have so recently begun learning of the old truths of love and faith in new ways.

A whole new year always brings me an odd mix of hope and fear, which has only grown over the last several years as I've learned how quickly life can change either for joy or for sorrow. Still:

"...in Thy book they were all written,
The days that were ordained for me,
When as yet there was not one of them."
--Psalm 139

I hope many things for this year. I hope to see my beloved friend and her family in a couple of weeks in attendance at her sister's wedding. I hope to meet Chris and Lisa Knight, who have somehow managed to find their way into my circle of close friends despite our geographic separation. I hope to read the final chapter in the Harry Potter series. I hope to find my faith at the end of this year yet more built up and solid. I hope for God's continued work in the Saint and I and our relationship. I hope to keep blogging here, at least as faithfully as this year. And I hope for many things for those dear to me as well.

So... to all of you, and especially to those of you whom I know and love, Happy New Year of Our Lord 2007. I am not wishing you too little when I wish you as blessed as myself.

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  1. ...may there be mercy and a year of blessing for you and yours, dear friend.



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