If You've Read Harry Potter, This'll Make More Sense

If a boggart popped out of my closet... supposing it didn't do like Mrs. Weasley's... it would turn into the low-head dam on the Wenatchee River.

It might be amusing enough just watching it try to fit into my room. But I think I'd try to turn it into one of those rotating yard sprinklers... maybe with a little circus music :P

If any of you want to talk about your biggest fears on a public forum, along with ways to make something funny out of them, feel free to use the comments.


  1. JENNA!
    I think mine is the lowhead dam on the Wenatchee TOO.

    Actually, I take that back...it is actually Boulder Drop, and I would have to turn it into the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney Land complete with gondolas and singing puppets.


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