AI5 Top 10

All right, the head honchos at American Idol must know that asking young hopefuls to sing hits from the last six years is setting them up for failure. Of course the results sound like karaoke. You can't take songs that have been played every hour on every top 40 station for months at a time within the past few years and not expect to be compared negatively with the original (recorded, I might add) performance.

In other words: not a great week. Annoyed by the lousy music, my family--with whom I spent the evening--turned on the tape of last week's for me. After watching that, all I can say is that now I want to work with Barry Manilow.

Chris Daughtry's rendition of Walk the Line gave me chillbumps. I would buy that record, and I rarely buy CDs. Last time I heard a performance like that on Idol, Clay Aiken sang Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Everyone sounded improved under Barry Manilow's coaching. Paris Bennett, whom I've always liked, performed with a mind-blowing class and maturity. It's a shame she tried a Beyonce song this week.

Beth wouldn't let me watch Kevin Covais. "We voted him off," she said stubbornly, "and by we, I mean they." She never votes, but apparently America carried at least a portion of her sentiments. We also ran out of time, so I brought the tape home with me. I haven't seen Kellie do Walking After Midnight yet.

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