Happy Thoughts

The rising sun made pink streaks along the horizon at 7:00 this morning. Mt. Baker peered out from between the clouds, and I woke up to that picture feeling well rested and just... alive.

...oh, I love sunshine!

Last year I had days when I wondered why we're not given a choice whether or not to exist. On a day like today, though, I wonder: if given such a choice, would I have dared to refuse to be? Would I have missed out on sunlight and friendship and exultation and hope, just because--to put it crudely--sometimes, existing sucks?

Sunny days (sorry, Phoenix, it's a Seattle thing) put life back into positive perspective for me.

Anyways, the weekend's here. If all goes as planned, I get to sleep in tomorrow and sing in church on Sunday and go looking for joy in all manner of simple things.

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