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Where we write, linking up with Masha @ Cyganeria. Like anyone didn't know where I write:

On the couch, of course. Wedged into the corner.

But look at the new baby 'puter!

It's so little. Even compared to my beloved, bluescreen-happy old Dell.

I've used that old computer long and hard for five years. Now, as I go into online school, it seemed like a good time to buy one that didn't have a near-death experience every time it encountered the camera card or Skype.

The new computer wanted a name, so I called it Min, after Min Farshaw. I thought about going all out and choosing Elmindreda*, but Min-the-non-girly-visionary would not have approved. Hopefully it will be loyal and dependable and follow me everywhere and take delight in books and libraries—and if it prefers breeches to dresses, well, most days that makes two of us.

Anyhow, I'm fond of it already.

* * *

Right now I don't have a lot of words, except to be grateful for sunshine and warmth enough to bike to work in short sleeves and a skirt, and then to bike home and walk barefoot around the yard and admire the flowers.

The flowers can do the talking for me.


golden chain

stars of Bethlehem

Wait till our big climbing rose really gets going on the bloom. :)

* * *

I haven't forgotten about Harry Potter. I haven't forgotten about book reviews. I haven't forgotten about cat pictures, or blogging in general. I've just been needing a little time to recover my sanity.

So much neediness from Jenna lately... I know.

Oh, right—cat picture.

Blurry Maia, wrestling the arm of a chair and one of her socks
Back soon!

* I will not be referring to it as Doomseer, however. Tuon is such a pessimist.


  1. Hi, tiny computer! Hi, Jenna!

    My computer is also prone to palpitations, fainting fits, and near-death experiences. She's a delicate genius I'm actually saving up for a new one now, but . . . it'll be a while.

    Flowers are the best! FLAUNT IT FLOWERS.

    Hope your sanity is recoverable and life is good. I look forward to Harry Potter, but take your time and enjoy.

  2. Sorry to not comment sooner on the cat picture. Been out of town most of the last two weeks. Maia certainly looks...ferocious.


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