The Advent of Daffodils and other stories

Spring is coming!

First daffodil...

grape hyacinths...

stars of Bethlehem...

leaf buds on the white lilac...

and the clematis, which didn't wait to be pruned.
Spring spring spring spring spring spring spring SPRING. Of course, this also means that the wild buttercups and dandelions are coming up in my garden, along with grass. And I was hoping I'd get more book written during the winter than I have thus far. But still—spring! Tarry not, but come quickly!

* * *

Maia on laundry day:

*white load*
Maia: "WARM LAUNDRY! My favorite!"
Me: "Get out of there, beast. As much cat litter as you spread around the house, I really don't want you in the clean dishtowels."
Maia: "Make me."
Me: "Oh, we're going to play that game? I'll shut you out of the room."
Maia: "Nanny nanny boo boo! I can open the door!!"
Me: "Fine. Make me fight this doorknob."
Doorknob: "Are you sure? You know how difficult I can be to open again. See, I'm bouncing off the latch to give you time to reconsider."
Me: "?%^&!"
*red load*
Maia: "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeets! AWESOME. Bury me under the blankets when you make the bed. I'll attack them when you spread them over me."
Me: "Great, now you're clawing up the sheets. If only that weren't so cute."

*jeans load*
Maia: "TANK TOP STRAPS!!!" *pounces*
Me: "Give me that! You're going to put holes in my shirt."
Maia: "SOCKS!!!" *pounces*
*towels load*
Me: "Ah, thought I heard you coming. Preemptive strike..." *throws bath towel over her*
Maia: "Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Nice human. Nice warm towel."
Me: "You just better not have any cat litter in your paws."

* * *

Music of the week: I like finding quality indie singers on YouTube. Of course, I hardly ever listen to radio, so Daniela Andrade could be signed to a mainstream label and as famous as Lady Gaga and I would never know.

* * *

This just came up in my YouTube sidebar, and I'm wondering if I should be offended:

But I watched it.... and I must admit, I could sympathize.

Fortunately for me, Lent is coming. Sooner than spring. I never give up the internet entirely—that would smack of giving up friendship—but I do usually attempt to get my surfing habit under control and repurpose my time a little.

Happy weekend!


  1. Spring is definitely coming. We're having a blizzard tonight & tomorrow. I'm anticipating having to cancel church, which is a pity as it's Transfiguration Day. Oh well.

    As a pastor I tend to give up Lent for Lent. That is, I'm too busy working on all the services to have time for penitential reflection. I have to work that in the rest of the year. :)

    Ah, the battle of the laundry. Which proves the great divide between cat priorities & human priorities. Cat priorities, of course, being right & noble & just, preordained from the dawn of time. With us humans only getting our way by using barbaric force & cruelty by being bigger and stronger. We should be ashamed of ourselves. At least that's what all my cats tell me.

    1. Yipes! Even in Montana, I only remember maybe once that church was cancelled for a blizzard.

      Haha, yeah. When you're in leadership, you don't quite get the privilege of experiencing things the way everyone else does. I especially notice that around Christmas and Easter, where everybody's having their one glorious church event and then going off to family celebrations, and the pastor is doing five Masses--some of them in the dead of night--and running himself absolutely ragged. You have my sympathy. :)

      And I'm sure Maia would agree with your cats.

    2. Well, our blizzard ended up fizzling out. Which wasn't too bad except for two reasons. 1, we really, really needed the moisture. 2, they spent all week hyping up the storm & then Saturday evening all of sudden said, oh wait, we were all wrong, but you know, forecasting is an inexact science.

      Well, duh. Oh well, at least we had services.


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