Flowers in Hiding and other stories

After a week of incredibly cheery and un-Februaryish weather, today it rains. But I hope the sun peeks out a little tomorrow, because I'd really like to plant this:

Baby cherry tree!
 and these:

Sheer loveliness! Hiding on the washing machine, where they're
theoretically safe from Maia.
They're going in the front yard, which currently looks awful thanks to dandelions taking over the grass and an awkward cutout mini-garden full of weeds on either side of the walk. But all that will change, oh yes.

* * *

The difference between revising a NaNoWriMo novel and revising a work written more carefully is astounding.

I wrote my NaNo novel three and a half times. Start to finish, one word at a time. With my novella, that would simply be a colossal waste of time. I'm rewriting scenes, but not nearly all of them, and have gotten through whole chapters with hardly more than line edits.

Part of me misses full rewriting, which makes it easier to keep changes consistent. The rest of me has begun to understand how some people actually manage to put out a book a year.

* * *

Something I loved this week, which I came across by way of Matched author Ally Condie's site: No Good Stopping Place. Written by a Mormon, to Mormons, so it contained an occasional sentence that Catholic Jenna had to read twice to comprehend—but readers of all spiritual sorts can wholly sympathize in its joy of literature.

* * *

Writers' link of the week: this comment by Teresa Nielsen Hayden on the question of agents (i.e., the importance of getting a good one, not just any one.) Also of interest: Ms. Nielsen Hayden's original post, which contains a list of reasons authors get rejected. It encouraged me—which I desperately needed—because I know I score above eight. And I am reasonably (and, I hope, rationally) convinced I score above ten, if under eleven one includes something like "...because mildly old-fashioned books are just goshdarn hard to guarantee in today's young adult market." Via Mr. Pond.

* * *

Music of the week: I feel like some Disney. Song starts at about 1:55, if you don't care for all the commentary.

* * *

Random amusement of the week: The Three Little Pigs as told by Shakespeare, by comedian John Branyan, via Rachelle Gardner. Utterly hilarious.

* * *

And now I have a novella to finish revising, so I'm off. Happy weekend!


  1. Jenna said, "Hiding on the washing machine, where they're theoretically safe from Maia."

    The operative word is "theoretically." :)

    The linked article "No Good Stopping Place" was brilliant. The joy of literature and of reading drips off the page and reminds me again of my childhood spent in vast amounts of reading.

    And the 5 blessings of reading is a rich feast in itself of the joys and indeed soul enriching benefits of reading. Reminded me somewhat of Lewis' statement about Eustace about how he had read all the wrong books instead of books that would've trained him in the stock responses of chivalry, loyalty, courage, selflessness.

    Anyway, those 5 blessings of reading sound like a great post for The Hogshead. For you to write, that is. ;)

    1. "The operative word is 'theoretically'"--SERIOUSLY. It's just a matter of time before she finds her way into the laundry room again. I'm just betting on us getting the flowers planted first.

      I loved that piece! But totally missed the 5 blessings. Hmmm. I'll think about it. If you think you can get a piece up in the next day or two, let me know and go ahead, because it'll take me at least that long.

  2. Oh, what brilliantly colorful flowers! What kind are they, Jenna?

    And what a great thing to look forward to down the pike, when you can make homemade cherry pie from the fruit of your tree :o)

    1. They're primroses! And it's sunny. I'm hoping very much to get them in the ground this afternoon.

      Mmmm. Cherry pie! :D

  3. Hooray for "Sunny Days"!:


  4. Here's the link to Jenna's brilliant post on the 5 blessings of reading over at The Hogshead: http://thehogshead.org/the-five-blessings-of-reading-7634/

    Go over and read & comment if you're so inclined. It's a great post!


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