Secondhand Wonders and other stories

Momentous piece of news this week: thanks to George, who offered me a deal I couldn't resist, I now own a Kindle.

Thanks to the flu, I'm not very photogenic. The Kindle looks great, though.
George's old second-generation Kindle, in fact, which has traveled out West to introduce my bookshelf-loving self to the wonders of the handheld library. I've already downloaded both War and Peace and Anna Karenina, so I am looking forward to many happy hours with the device. But my first impressions are that it's awesome.

Maia, of course, took immediate possession of the packaging.

She sends her thanks to George for the thoughtful gift.

* * *

With the end of November, my goal was to have at least 26,000 words written on the novella. I came out over 27K, so—success! Of course, I'd also hoped that by this time I'd have caught the thrill of the approaching ending. I know how it should end, and in my opinion it will be lovely, but for now I'm stuck in the long slow slog of the middle. Ah, well. For the sake of the ending, I'm slogging onward.

* * *

Thanksgiving went off delightfully. I made five green bean casseroles. We had the best waffles I've ever had anywhere, enjoyed excellent dinners at both houses, gave a tour of our new house and yard, and spent lots of time with lots of family. Also, a glass pan exploded, which was rather exciting in a whoa-did-we-seriously-just-get-showered-in-glass-shards way. Fortunately, no one got cut and the turkey was still safely in the oven.

* * *

Writers' link of the week: Nathan Bransford's exploration of a few common writerly diseases. It's brilliant, I say. Brilliant.

* * *

Music of the week: Oh. My. Sweet. Ocarina. This is nerd heaven. And I've never even played Zelda, I've only watched others play it.

* * *

Funny of the week: Actually, Mr. Pond sent me this comic (from Over the Hedge) weeks ago. But sometimes, funny stuff is hard to find, so I pasted it into the file for such a time as this. I will say that the strip demonstrates exactly how I feel about the news.

* * *

November has ended, the trees have lost all their leaves at last, and I haven't gotten well started on preparations for Christmas yet. I may not get quite as much writing done this month.

Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. "If once you start down the dark path (of eBooks), forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will..." ;)

    The only way the packaging could've been more perfect for Maia was if I mailed the Kindle in a box. Around here, Beth & I have to order things based on what kind of box it will come in.

  2. "Thanks to the flu, I'm not very photogenic..." ?! PSHSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Before I had scrolled down far enough to read that, I had literally just been thinking, "WOW, what a great picture. She is so beautiful!" Then I read that and just about spluttered.

    Your analysis is usually quite accurate, but I am happy to pronounce you dead wrong on this one. :)

  3. Hahah, George. It's very important to keep the cats happy. Maia has a box, of course, so I think she was particularly thrilled about the envelope.

    Maria, LOL. Don't look too closely at my eyes. :P But thanks!


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