Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I'd Love to Invite to Thanksgiving

Have you ever spent a full day with your face and fists and chest pressed against a brick wall, your feet trying to drive you forward, nothing to show for your effort but sweat and scrapes and grit-filled eyes? That's what trying to get anything done yesterday felt like. Apologies for not getting to the blog.

It's a holiday week! And The Broke and The Bookish have given us a holiday theme to go with it. It'll be very hard to keep it to ten, but after all, I only have twelve plates. (And only five chairs. But oh, let's dream.)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! Do come join the fun...

While we're fantasizing, I’m allowing for authors who have already died. Hey, maybe someday we’ll sit around heaven and talk.

In no particular order:

1. Jane Austen. Wouldn’t that be a night of hilarity?

2. Orson Scott Card. My literary hero.

3. C.S. Lewis. I’d love to call him Jack, but doubt very much I could get past a stammered “Professor Lewis”.

4. JRR Tolkien. He can teach me some Quenya.

5. J.K. Rowling. Not that I’d be able to open my mouth and talk sensibly.

6. George MacDonald. A gruff old gentleman who likes to talk mysticism and fairies. Sounds like fun.

7. Shannon Hale. Whose humor might rival Austen’s, and who could talk to me about publishing high fantasy for young adults.

8. Stephenie Meyer. I just think I’d like her.

9. L.M. Montgomery. Her Anne books have been part of my existence for as long as I can remember. And I think her Emily books may be part of my future.

10. Madeleine L’Engle. She sounds like a lovely person.

Who would you invite?


  1. I don't think I'd be able to talk around JK Rowling either; I'd be too awestruck and unable to form any coherent trains of thought.

    I love L.M.Montgomery too!

  2. I'm definitely reserving a seat at the head of the table for Charlotte Bronte!

  3. Kathryn Lindskoog described her meeting with CSL when she was a young English major, during which he offered her a cigarette, as "the first and only time I have regretted being a non-smoker." And she almost fainted, of course.

    G. K. Chesterton belongs on here for sure.

  4. Oh, golly, HOW DID I FORGET CHESTERTON?! And Charlotte Bronte!

    I think I would have reacted much like Ms. Lindskoog...

  5. #3, 4, & 5 are definites. Chesterton would be good too. I think Samuel Clemens would be nice to have around just for the irreverent humor. Martin Luther would be good too as long as one had enough beer on hand.

  6. True, George! Now I'm picturing Lewis, Tolkien, Chesterton, MacDonald, Twain and Luther all in one room with lots of turkey and beer. Sounds exciting. Oh, and since you included her, we might as well throw Rowling in the mix and see what happens. :D

  7. Don't forget Louisa May!

    I'd also enjoy Eva Ibbotson, Connie Willis, Malcolm Gladwell, and Jan Karon. And because I love Packing for Mars, one of the most entertaining and hilarious reads ever, and because I heard her speak here in October, and she was fun and friendly while signing my book and answering my two oddball questions, I want Mary Roach, too.


  8. See, I knew I'd never be able to keep it to ten. I totally want Louisa May, Arabella! And you have a lot of other great choices, too.


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