Pumpkin Pictures

As Mr. Pond wasn't able to post last week, and as today is a holiday, we get another week off the blogalectic. And you get pictures of my first pumpkin-carving experience.

But first, Maia and her vanquished enemy (she knocked over the tall pumpkin several times).

Lou, who has some experience with pumpkin-carving, cut into the tall one and cleaned it out for me.

...and I, not being quite confident enough to replicate this sort of thing, drew a simple face on and proceeded.

It didn't turn out half bad, I think.

Also not half bad: the pumpkin spice lattes we made from the cut-out parts.

I'm live-podcasting with The Hog's Head tonight right during trick-or-treating time, so I'm not sure whether I'll manage to dress up or not, but here's Lou and I from last year:

Have a good and safe All Hallows' Eve, and happy All Saints' Day tomorrow!


  1. Ooh Looking good! Hope you did dress up this year! I'm kind of bummed about the blogaletic though, I felt so ready for this week!

  2. I hope you had a great Halloween, Jenna! I like your very first pumpkin carving :-) And Maia, as always, looks incredibly cute--even when knocking over pumpkins.

    Forgive me for asking (in case I get this wrong), but was Lou dressed up last year like one of the Beastie Boys from their music video for "Sabotage"? He's a dead-ringer....

    Our Halloween in northern NJ was "postponed" this year until this coming Friday. That odd snow storm in the Northeast whacked NJ and some surrounding states, knocking down huge trees whose leaves were weighed down from the snow and power lines in our area, so that it would be physically unsafe for children to trick-or-treat until the cleanup is done in a few days. I've never seen Halloween moved like this, so it was kind of sad....

  3. Masha, bummer about the blogalectic. I haven't heard from Mr. Pond; I just know he was sick last week, and guess that's why the post didn't happen.

    We actually got lazy and didn't dress up... I was podcasting and missed out on trick-or-treating entirely. Lou says only one ever came, anyway!

    Carrie'Ann, HAHAHA! We weren't specific with the costumes; I just went Goth and Lou put on all black and the Elvis wig and wacky sunglasses. I've never seen that video, but oh, that's funny. :D

    Better safe than sorry, but still... big snowfall and no power and no candy--that's not fun. :( Hope the problems get cleared up quickly!

  4. Hmm... that was supposed to be a hyphen in Carrie-Ann's name, not an apostrophe. Sorry about that!

  5. I keep thinking about what evil that pumpkin could've caused if Maia hadn't subdued it long enough for you to carve it up. You really should do more to express your gratitude towards her. ;)


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