Too Many Endings and other stories

Some days were never meant for blogging. This was one, but I'm going to try anyway.

* * *

For years, I've worked off and on at knitting this scarf. And I'm pretty sure that when I began it, this nice skein only had two ends.

Now there are, like, eight.
I can't say for sure, but I'm very tempted to blame a certain someone.

That is hardly the face of innocence.

* * *

Ever wondered approximately how many words you know? Now you can find out. My score was above average, but not far enough to make me wish to post it. But I'll try and be humble: 30,100. Go forth and beat me.

* * *

Writers' link of the week: Nathan Bransford's The Thing About Self-Promotion is that Self-Promotion Sucks (But You Have to Do It Anyway). Not really what I want to hear, but true.

* * *

Music and funny together: My new favorite Weird Al song. I don't get a lot of forwards anymore, but oh, do I remember the days.

Hey, Weird Al, you missed your cue though... Why didn't you use Comic Sans font in your video? And make the text bright pink and purple, or maybe red and blue and an absolutely unreadable yellow? Seriously.

* * *

Lou and I are going to be up all night giving out free coffee, so I'm going to go try and sleep. Happy weekend!


  1. You beat me in the vocab department. :) Fun little quiz!

    And your cat totally looks guilty.

  2. Yes, I concur that Maia (sp?) is looking mighty guilty--mighty cute, but mighty guilty....

    Thanks for posting that Weird Al video. I laughed so hard, and then suppressed the urge to forward the video to the select few who can't seem to refrain from hitting that forward button in their email!

  3. Haven't you learned that cats are above human trifles like guilt & innocence? ;)

  4. Well, I beat you in the vocab, but I've had more time at it. Maia is a scamp, and the "yarn creature" she created looks like it's right out of SF. I accidentally left a favorite black angora sweater (a classic I could still be wearing) on our bed years ago, only to pick it up to find it shredded, with a big hole from enthusiastic kneading. Cats know a good thing when they feel it, don't they!


  5. I do think age has an effect on that quiz... for sure I did far better than I would have even five years ago! Shallee, we'll chalk our difference up to that. I'm almost certainly older. :) Arabella, hopefully I'll match you someday.

    Sorry about your cat kneading a hole in your sweater, though--that had to have been a painful find!

    Even if Maia's not guilty of destroying the yarn, she has plenty of other known exploits to be blamed for. Although George has a point about cats having sort of a Greek god's relationship to guilt. :)

    Seriously, Carrie-Ann, I love this Weird Al song. Just listened to it again for the sheer fun of it.

  6. Weird Al is hilarious. My two favorite spoof videos by far are "Amish Paradise" and "It's All about the Pentiums." If you haven't viewed/heard these, you're in for a huge laugh and I urge you to proceed directly to Youtube!

  7. Carrie-Ann, LOL. I didn't know he was such a good rapper. :P


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