Top Ten Tuesday: Books that Came Recommended

...as opposed to books I picked up and flipped through by myself before buying or checking out.
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This topic came with some difficulties, such as remembering who recommended what book to me, or whether anyone recommended the classics at all. I loved To Kill a Mockingbird, but did I read it thanks to one person's suggestion or the consensus of history? Who knows?

Here are a few that someone specifically recommended to me.

1. Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling). Thanks, Chris Knight and Michael Spencer. Thank you forever.

2. The Wheel of Time books (Robert Jordan). Thanks to MissPhotographerB for recommending them to me, and to Nate for recommending them to MissPhotographerB.

3. Ender’s Game and sequels (Orson Scott Card). Brandon was the first to say "You must read Ender's Game!" and I'm not sure how I got hold of Speaker for the Dead. Beth and Todd got me into the Bean series. I'm not finished with all of the sequels, but I do plan to read them.

4. The Twilight books (Stephenie Meyer). I just about guarantee that I would not have read this series had it not been for Leigh convincing me to listen to the first one with her and MissPhotographerB actually mailing her books to me.

5. Little White Horse (Elizabeth Goudge). Thanks, J.K. Rowling. (Her "I absolutely adored the Little White Horse" blurb definitely got my attention, though it's hard to imagine myself passing up a book with a unicorn on the cover.)

6. A Walk to Remember (Nicholas Sparks). Beth gave me this one. "You remind me so much of Jamie Sullivan!" is still one of my favorite compliments I've ever received (thanks, Jade!)

7. The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis). Thanks, Mom and Dad—or possibly Grandma or Uncle Ray—for giving these to me to read on the long drive from Dunedin, FL to Missoula, MT.

8. Matched (Ally Condie). Just read this on Arabella's recommendation, and loved it. Review coming Wednesday.

9. Alec Forbes of Howglen (George MacDonald). My parents read this to my sisters and I when we were very young, and I recently re-read it after hearing good things about it from Mr. Pond. I adore this story.

10. On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness (Andrew Peterson). Thanks to Travis Prinzi, founder of The Hog's Head.

What great books have you read because someone recommended them to you?

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  1. My mom read The Chronicles of Narnia to me as a kid, so I suppose I should thank her as well.

    Check out my list here


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