Why They Call Introverts 'Anti-Social' and other stories

After tallying up the various signs of spring last week, I should've expected the snow.

My friends in Anacortes got over a foot in the blizzard. My sister guesses at sixteen inches in her yard. My friends in Mt. Vernon have posted shots of snow-covered patio tables that look like frosted three-layer cakes on a decorator's wheel.

Here in Bellingham, half an hour's drive from Mt. Vernon and forty-five minutes from Anacortes, we have half an inch. The streets are dry. And apart from the fact that the wind is still blowing, I'm not complaining.

* * *

Lou and I had only one busy evening this week. I couldn't remember the last time that happened, so I asked Lou. "Summer," he said.

Both of us are introverts, and we can tell how stressed we'll be at the end of the average week by how many busy weekday evenings we're scheduled for. One is fine. Two is all right, although more stressful if he and I are busy on different evenings. Three is a strain, and any more than that means have a quiet weekend or go crazy.

It felt good to be quiet.

* * *
Maia: "Ooh! I knocked it over and it rolled! Best game ever."
Me: "Oh... eww... no, kitty. Get out of there! All right, I'll pick you up and make you..."
(Two minutes later)
Maia: "Dang it, you caught me already!"
Me: "Don't you do that again; I just told you No. Find your sock or something."
Maia, hiding behind a chair in the living room: "Cats can play with anything they want."
(One minute later)
Me: "Maia, I will NOT PET YOU if you play with the TOILET BOWL BRUSH. Go find something else to do!"

* * *

Writers' link of the week: An intriguing in-depth interview with John B. Thompson regarding the history and present state of the publishing industry. (H/T @RachelleGardner)

* * *

Literary link of the week: Mr. Pond just wrote a fascinating piece on the absence of literary criticism in our vehicles for common thought. Well worth the read.

* * *

Music of the week: I do try not to repeat artists very often, but this new work of Eric Pazdziora's gave me chills.

Besides, Eric has been helping me with my query letter this week, as has Mr. Pond. I totally owe them both one. Or maybe ten. :) Enjoy.

* * *

Funny of the week: Okay, if you've never used the Gather hymnal in church, which is probably most of you, since it's—I believe—supposed to be Catholic, here's an ordinary funny for you. Made me laugh. (H/T @ACatholicWife)

But if you ever have used the Gather hymnal, you simply have to check out this medley of... well, in scatterusout's words:
"With the new Mass translations coming out this year, the "Gather" hymnal will sadly become obsolete. With that in mind, I composed a tribute medley to some of the best songs contained therein. Unfortunately, I didn't have a hymnal around when I was tracking this, so I did the best I could to remember the lyrics from memory. Enjoy!"

Lou and I sat on the couch and laughed through the whole two minutes and forty-nine seconds. I'm no friend of book banning, let alone book burning, but how about book recycling? There are thousands and thousands of these in parishes all over the country. Think how many trees we could save.

H/T The Crescat

* * *

And now I'm going to go spend a quiet evening with Lou. Happy weekend!


  1. We Introverts aren't anti-social; we just don't like people. :)

  2. George, LOL. I like people... one at a time. With a good deal of space between. :P

  3. In the immortal words of Linus:

    'I love mankind! It's people I can't stand!'

  4. I've never seen the "Gather" hymnal that I recall, but I'm a child of the 80s so it was still hilarious. I've got half of them stuck in my head right now: "Here am I, Lord / Is it I, Lord / Who was bringing up three very lovely girls..."

    Though I totally interpreted "an ordinary funny" as "a funny for the fifth Sunday after Pentecost," so maybe I just have latent liturgical issues.

    Thanks again also for the link to my song! I'm so glad you like them.

  5. Eric, LOL--literally! That guy hasn't been the only one to point out the melodic similarity between "Here am I, Lord" and the Brady Bunch theme song. It's hilarious. Oh, but you're right--they WILL get stuck in your head.

    "Ordinary funny"--haha. We are in just about the longest pre-Lent Ordinary time EVER, so I guess it's appropriate. :)

    You're welcome! Your music is just beautiful.


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