Blogging from a Studio 15

Being stuck on the couch for four days with a cold isn't much fun. No, that's not exactly right: Having a cold is not much fun. Being stuck on the couch for four days can be downright enjoyable. Especially when your new computer arrives right in the middle of that stretch of time.

Lou drove home from work specially to bring me this beautiful thing, all packaged up in its Dell box, and I have now spent the rest of yesterday and almost all of today playing with it. I love it already. It allows me to sign in with a fingerprint scan. It lets me curl up on the couch with it and wrestle with my thoughts; it has a calendar, a clock and a notepad; its mouse isn't all jumpy like the one on Lou's computer, and it came with some neat sample pictures. Not as neat as the unicorn wallpaper I downloaded, but a girl can't ask for everything.

It might be heresy to say so, but I like Windows Vista. At least, so far. Of course, I have 4G RAM on this, so Vista isn't slowing me down all that much.

Finally: this machine is gray and pink. How cool can you get?

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