Double Check

I just edited my last post ... shouldn't have attempted blogging at 11:30 PM the other night, while feeling way overtired and frustrated.

In bringing up my "conversion", for lack of a better word (I don't like that one because it implies a change of religion, which is false), my whole desire is to share the overflowing joy I feel in Christ and His church. Instead, I came across as defensive, which is the last thing I wanted to do, and I apologize.

Time to start working now ... I'll be back soon. No more six-week blogless stretches for Jennifer!


  1. No worries Jenna, and I didn't think you were defensive at all. You have nothing to apologize for :-)

    But we *could* use some more of your insights. I certainly visit here at least once a day for them ;-)

  2. Thanks for both of your friendly comments, Chris! I'm trying *ever so hard* to get back into blogging regularly. Hearing that someone checks for updates every day is definitely a motivating factor :-D

    I'm glad that my original post didn't sound as bad to you as it did to me upon re-read! I was rather embarrassed.


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