Gotta Say This...

Brief explanation: The Lenten fast does not apply to Sundays. It's not cheating, I promise... ask your local priest :-)

Anyway, I'm taking a Sunday break from my Lenten fast not to tell you that the new Harry Potter cover has been announced--everybody knows that--but just to say that this looks great:


  1. With just one week to go, you completely broke down.

    And to think that I went all of Lent last year (including Sundays) with no blogging at all, period :-P

    Can't blame you though: it *is* a great cover :-)

  2. I actually thought of you this week and your fast of Harry, while I was strolling around Borders. I think it may have actually been on Sunday... how funny.


  3. Hahaha!!!:) Sorry, I didn't catch that thing about the Saint...!

    GOD bless you.
    Happy Easter.

    RC Hammer


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