Schrödinger's Bedroom

Calling all AI fans! Even if you're not a regular American Idol watcher, though, keep reading--I've still got something for you.

FOX Network welcomes its new show, On the Lot, in the spring. Formatted just like American Idol--I wonder, by-the-bye, who they'll get to make offbeat analogies and harsh "realistic" comments, since presumably Simon Cowell won't be one of the judges--this talent competition will be for movie directors.

Which brings me to my friend Chris Knight, whose movie-making credentials include a hilarious 50-minute Star Wars fan film called "Forcery" and several school-board campaign commercials, one of which included a scene of a Death Star blowing up a schoolhouse and which got him in the New York Times for creativity.

Chris is auditioning with a five-minute short by the title of "Schrödinger's Bedroom" --a piece which he wrote, casted, shot, edited, and submitted in only a month. If you want a laugh, go over and check it out. If you're an AI fan (or movie fan, for that matter) and you think On the Lot might be interesting too--since I don't mind shamelessly plugging for friends with talent, I'll suggest you watch for Chris there, too :-)

And just in case you don't feel I've given you enough reasons to see this little movie yet: for those of you who tell me you read this blog, at least, I can guarantee that someone you know made a cameo appearance :-D


  1. So how are you connected to Chris?

  2. "So how are you connected to Chris?"

    Jenna helped me escape from a cruel life in a circus sideshow many years ago.

    Someday she and I will go back and liberate Mr. Binky also.

  3. ROTFL

    Poor Mr. Binky! We need to plan his rescue right away. Maybe the lion tamer would help us...

    Tina, Chris is my 'blog buddy'; we met in the blogosphere by introduction of a friend, and through a long series of blog-comments and emails and phone calls, Chris and his lovely wife Lisa have proven themselves kindred spirits and friends.

  4. And Lord willing, Lisa and I will be flying out to Washington state sometime this summer so we can all finally meet :-) In the meantime, I'm making a movie star out of Jenna!


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