Because I Needed Another One

Some people collect stamps. Or china. Or memorabilia. Or those state-depicting quarters.

I, apparently, collect personal web pages. First the Blogspot (that's this one, in case anybody didn't know), then the Myspace. Now I have a Xanga, too.

The basic conundrum I faced is that if you want to comment on your friends' sites, and they don't use Blogspot, you have to have a login. When I created my Myspace login, I didn't realize it had made me a whole page (duh) till my best friend sent me a Friend invitation. And hey, if it's already creating a page, well... I figured I might as well get creative too :-D

This week, I finally decided I had too many Xangad friends to not have a login on that Cyberspace planet. So, "Library Lily" joined the Xangan ranks.

Fear not, however, fellow Blogspot-ites. This planet is still my home base and central communication port. You'll hear it all here first.

...sheesh... could I sound anymore dorky?

1 comment:

  1. Add Capt. Rusty as a friend on my space. use the e-mail address wildrrice@aol.com for your search or find m in one of the tall ship groups.



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