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These surveys go around regularly, and I always get a big kick out of reading them. Now the time has come to fill one out! Briana Bell (see, now that I've gotten started with the hyperlinks, I can't stop) had this on her site, and I always follow a good example. Have fun reading!


Name: My middle name is Leah

Birthday: Same as W.A. Mozart's, but more recent

Birthplace: Florida

Current Location: Washington

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Also brown

Height: 5'11''... I'm a long ways up

Right Handed or Left Handed: Southpaw (that's lefty for anyone who didn't know)

Your Heritage: American, which means: mostly Scottish and Creek Indian; ultimately Heinz 57

The Shoes You Wore Today: My Old Navy canvas shoes with the embroidered flowers. This is fun. Ask me about my jeans.

Your Weakness: Running late, being "too nice", reading when I ought to be getting things done

Your Fears: Tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes. Oh, great. We could get any of those out here! No, seriously: fast-moving water, losing the people I love, getting too far away from God, and existing instead of really living my life.

Your Perfect Pizza: Lots of cheese and mushrooms! Thick crust. Should be part of an evening containing family or friend(s), and a good movie.

Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Get some of my songs on CD.

Your Most Overused Phrase On an Instant Messenger: "Yay for _______"

Thoughts First Waking Up: "Six o'clock already, I was just in the middle of a dream..."

Your Best Physical Feature: Hmm. You decide! Eyes, I think.

Your Bedtime: As early as I can convince myself to go; usually around 11:30PM

Your Most Missed Memory: Evenings with my family, usually involving singing with my sisters and/or long rambling talks.

Pepsi or Coke: Coke

MacDonalds or Burger King: Wendy's

Single or Group Dates: Just me and l'homme que j'adore, whenever he comes around

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: It's all disgusting. Just give me that powdered stuff we all used to eat out of the can in grade school.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate, unless it's a milkshake

Cappuccino or Coffee: Caramel Macchiato or Frappuccino

Do you Smoke: No... vocal cords aren't replaceable, and I need mine

Do you Swear: :-D

Do you Sing: All the time... around the house, in the shower, in the grocery store, in church, with or without my piano or guitar

Do you Shower Daily: Wouldn't miss it for the world

Have You Been in Love: I have

Do You Want to Go to College: I dream about it

Do You Want to Get Married: Heck yeah... I 've got too much to give to keep it under wraps forever :-D

Do You Belive in Yourself: Don't the survey people know how to spell "believe?" Yes, I'm getting there.

Do You Get Motion Sickness: Nope, nor seasick as far as I can tell

Do You Think You Are Attractive: Adorable, really :)

Are You a Health Freak: No, I like ice cream and pizza too much

Do You Get Along With Your Parents: Two of my best friends, none closer!

Do You Like Thunderstorms: As long as the lightning doesn't come after me

Do You Play an Instrument: Piano, guitar, and my voice

In the Past Month Have You Drank Alcohol: Yes

In the Past Month Have You Smoked: No... what is with this survey's smoking obsession?

In the Past Month Have You Been on Drugs: Just aspirin, and only once

In the Past Month Have You Gone on a Date: Not that I know of

In the Past Month Have You Gone to a Mall: Tuesday night

In the Past Month Have You Eaten a Box of Oreos: Seriously... does anybody want to know?

In the Past Month Have You Eaten Sushi: I have not eaten sushi in my entire lifetime

In the Past Month Have You Been on Stage: A couple of times

In the Past Month Have You Been Dumped: I don't think it could be defined as 'dumped'

In the Past Month Have You Gone Skinny Dipping: Too cold!

In the Past Month Have You Stolen Anything: Nope... those hearts keep getting away from me :P

Ever Been Drunk: Nope

Ever Been Called a Tease: No

Ever Been Beaten up: No

Ever Shoplifted: No

How Do You Want to Die: Quickly

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up: If I ain't there now...

What Country Would You Most Like to Visit: Excuse me while I go stab at a map of Europe with a push pin!

In a Boy/Girl...

Favourite Eye Color: Doesn't matter, as long as those eyes are warm and affectionate

Favourite Hair Color: As long as it's a color

Short or Long Hair: Depends on the face, although I find shaggy hair pretty hot

Height: I thought that mattered to me till I once met an eminently likeable man of 5'4'' (guesstimate)

Weight: Healthy

Best Clothing Style: Casual, please be casual... jeans, cowboy, grunge, hippie, granola, all of the above, I don't care, just don't be the dressy type

Number of Drugs I Have Taken: Apparently this survey is drug-obsessed too. None, unless you count aspirin, tylenol, and penicillin.

Number of CDs I Own: The question should be more like "How many of my parents' did I take with me when I moved out?"

Number of Piercings: One in each ear

Number of Tattoos: I don't even write on myself with pens.

There you have it! You too can take this survey and provide the world with large amounts of information about yourself... I just couldn't make the link bring up the questions, so you'll have to copy from here and change your answers. Have fun! If you post your survey results to your own site, let me know and I'll check it out.

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